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Down Under Pots are the original upside down hanging pots, invented by a sculptural artist in Australia.

Plants grow from the bottom of the Down Under hanging planter creating a unique and amazing garden feature that will make your yard stand out from the crowd.

If you don’t have the garden area to use regular garden pots, these space saving pots hang beautifully on porches, verandas, balconies, from shade trees or indoors.

You can plant most plants in your upside down planter and there is a stunning display created when the foliage, fruit and flowers emerge from the bottom of the pot.

Easy to water and maintain, these thoughtfully designed plant pots have an internal reservoir that catches water to feed the plant and provides a place for the root system to anchor. The Down Under Pot also has a lip that prevents water spillage with normal watering of most plants.

This method of growing plants upside down in hanging terracotta pots eliminates weeding, tilling and staking and lessens the chance of rotting and pest attacks on your plants, saving you extra effort in the garden.

These planters come in a variety of attractive glazed colours and unglazed Terracotta to suit any garden and in 4 sizes for your plants. The flower pots come with the stainless steel hanging wire and fibre mat.